This October through December Black Lagoon will feature a rotating collection of works by Anissa Bryant, Richard Casteel, Audrey Jahanian, David Lujan, Ryan Cooper and more.

Viewings are by appointment, or drop in for a yoga class in the gallery to enjoy the artwork before and after class. View our Yoga page for the full schedule and pricing -

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Black Lagoon is a Supportive Arts Gallery

Since 2010 we have provided an exhibition space with the intention of strengthening the visual arts community in Austin, harboring both new and established artists.

The gallery and our exhibiting artists work together under a co-supportive format, where the artist and gallery both gain fair opportunities to exist and exhibit.

This has been black lagoon’s format that has brought over 300 local and national artists through the space from 2010-2017.

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The Austin Series Vol. 3, Part I & II: June 17 through Sept 22

Featuring paintings, photography & mixed media by Scott M Bickerton, Alex Fitch, Kelli Horan, Martin Lewis, Court Loving, Dawn Okoro, Khunya Lamat Pan, John Redington, Dwight Benignus, Anissa Bryant, Richard Casteel, Audrey Jahanian, Selja Ojanne & Danika Ostrowski 

THE WILD STILL | 2017 Exhibition With Ryan Cooper & Amado Peña, through June 11 

Amado M. Peña III 

Born and raised in Austin, TX, Peña recently received his BFA from Texas State University. “Having spent a few years as a member of the Austin swing dance community, I began exploring some elements of social dancing in my final painting classes.” Thus began his series chronicling America’s contemporary swing dance culture. This new body of work portrays dance communities throughout northern New Mexico and southern California. “My focus here has been contrasting concepts such as isolation and connectivity, movement and stillness, diversity and the lack there of and how they coexist within the same space.” Using active but precisely framed compositions, the paintings give light to the often unspoken, and ironic, dichotomies found in all social situations.

Ryan Cooper

As an artist living in Austin, Texas, Ryan’s paintings have been displayed in local galleries and other venues. “I mostly work with musicians on album covers, posters and apparel.” While working with publishers on illustrations and promotional materials, his work has also been utilized by marketing teams on trade show graphics and collateral.

email to set up a viewing:


Past Exhibitions:

Tribe Over Morality//Sum Of Net
New Works by Ryan Sandison Montgomery & Aubree Dale
At Black Lagoon Gallery through April 3rd, 2017

Tribe Over Morality – Ryan Sandison Montgomery is a painter whose work explores sentimentality, regionalism, anxiety, and family. The larger works on display feature food and branding as emotional triggers. The smaller pieces are abstract and interested in the current of the unconscious mind. Ryan has a BFA in film from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Sum of Net – Aubree Dale. This series of paintings and drawings explore topics surrounding Central Texas Water Resources through the use of heavily abstracted imagery. Issues of sustainability, urban sprawl, flooding, and pursuit of more are collaged with memories of the inherent beauty of the area. The content is derived from research of flood plains, area growth rates, water rights and usage. While agriculture and manufacturing constitute for the highest usage, municipalities find themselves struggling in meeting the demands of rapid automobile centric development. I was especially taken with the Rule of Capture, with allows for any person or entity to pump an unregulated amount of groundwater from a well, regardless of the effect it will have on neighboring properties. With this body of work, it is my intention to call attention to the concerns and consequence of the continued pattern of development and water consumption practices while sparking a dialogue of inventiveness and call to action. Aubree Dale is a multi-media visual artist residing in Austin Texas. She received a BFA from the University of North Texas in 2010 and shows throughout Texas.

Work by Padaric Kolander, David Lujan & Matthew Roberts
Exhibition through January 8th

Padaric Kolander (winner of the annual Hunting Prize) entangles the viewer with his meticulously placed line work and subject matter, while David Lujan challenges the viewer to see beyond the subjects of his work and discover the abstraction within each piece. Matthew Roberts distills the lessons learned from teaching and being taught, to reveal the absurd through his meticulous stencils.

Padaric Kolander – I am rarely depicting a specific person in my work and text is purposely juxtaposed, but often out of context. Recombined and interpreted by the viewer, these devices reveal open-ended themes of ignorance, contradiction and cynicism. These themes are my true subjects.

David Lujan – Using printmaking as a jumping off point, projects of late have had more to do with painting and drawing than editioned prints. Often centered on animals and animalistic behavior, the texture and shape of animal skins and attitudes become geometric elements in the finished piece.

Matthew Roberts – About my paintings, I often heard “…muddy, darks and lights are indistinguishable. Paint the whites whiter and the blacks blacker.” Teaching color theory, I passed down similar suggestions to students. I said, “Warm up the blacks and cool off the whites.” I heard the words spoken from my mouth but it skewed tangentially from its intent. Words out of context can sound silly if not incredibly powerful.


New works by JR Rapier & Robert Tunmer

May through July 10: Thoughtscapes & Acatalepsy. View photos from Opening Night, here


2016, May 31: “RACHEL WALTER’S ACATALEPSY TAKES VIEWERS ON AN INTROSPECTIVE JOURNEY THROUGH THE COSMOS – When we get too wound up in the minutiae of our daily lives, it’s important to take a step back, meditate and ponder the greater questions of life. Austin native and artist Rachel Walter (pictured) encourages viewers to think about the (much) bigger picture in her first gallery show, Acatalepsy. The word means “the impossibility of arriving at certain knowledge or full comprehension of the universe,” and it is the driving force behind Walter’s work. This is shown in her oil and acrylic paintings through fleeting brushstrokes and colors that seamlessly weave in and out of one another (see page 167). The show’s subject matter ranges from landscapes that walk the line between familiarity and more cosmic and abstract visions. Walter, a UT grad, wants people who see her paintings to transcend their daily struggles and gain a broader perspective on their own importance in nature and their place in the universe. “I hope viewers get that same out-of-body experience that you get when you try to comprehend the way nature works and the physical laws that govern our universe and the way the human consciousness plays a role in all that,” she says.” – Austin MonthlyBY ARIELLE AVILA

New works by Jenny Granberry & Rachel Walter

Two solo shows, through July 10th, by appointment.

About the artists: Jenny Granberry and Rachel Walter both grew up in Austin, where they currently live and work as artists. Granberry graduated from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX in 2011 with a BFA emphasizing in painting, while Walter graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from the University of Texas in 2014.


“Faces and bodies of men and women inhabit minimal white landscape. Underneath the minimal background is a swirling and unrestful field of color. With saturated hues, the underpainting permeates the figures giving them a context that mirrors the internal dialogue that churns though our minds. Each painting is a thought or fractured image that has been pulled from my own experience and given a visual presence. Creating this work allows me to acknowledge my ideas, fears, observations, and frustrations before letting them go.” – Jenny Granberry –


“My paintings emanate from a long-felt fascination with the power of nature bonding with color. They are expressive of ideas relevant to human curiosity and emotion, serving to draw people in to a point in space and time where those qualities can be explored. Each brush stroke, whether born out of technique or intuition, contributes to building an image in which Creation and color are emotionally fused. The bold hues, forms, and movement throughout the composition of each piece comprise layers of swaths and marks, producing little moments that simultaneously form and react with the big picture; a reflection of our role as the conscience of the cosmos.” – Rachel Walter –


Ryan Cooper
Stephanie E. Estrin
Johanna Heilman
Amado Peña III
JR Rapier

Opening Reception
Saturday February 13th, 2016. 
Exhibition through May 1st, by appointment.

– the uncrowd –

November 12th through February 7th, 2016

While Austin explodes with ad hoc arts destinations, sometimes the best place to be is somewhere else. Jeana Baumgardner, Scott Bickerton, Victoria Corbett, Aubree Dale, & David Foarde display their lastest creations asking us to leave our cluttered lives and join -the uncrowd-

Exhibition through January 3rdPictures from the Opening Reception, 9/11/15 – photos by Will Branch


Exhibition through November 2nd

Tom Bubul elevates the medium of paint with his high-density, colorful compositions, while Michael W. Hall offers us a window into lesser known places, often employing unconventional substrates and textures.”

Michael W. Hall (b. 1981) is a painter based near Austin, TX. He is maniacally interested in freight trains, travel, and exploring lesser known pathways, with his abstract works suggesting trails and windows into these other worlds.

Tom Bubul (b. 1983) is a writer and visual artist currently based in New York. He uses intersecting color and form in high-density compositions to create paintings that radiate with the energy of the work and time they contain.



July 10, 2015 through September 7 by appointment – info [at]

Elisa Gomez paints with colorful interest, the portions of the evening we normally ascribe to darkness, while Padaric Kolander juxtaposes his ladies and gentlemen of the night against vaguely cynical, often comical remarks encouraging the viewer to laugh quietly at his subjects.

Exhibit through September 6th, by appointment or on view during Black Lagoon’s weekly schedule of yoga classes.

past exhibitions


May 1st through July 5th – Visions of the west captured through the lens of Autumn Spadaro juxtapose starkly against Ryan Cooper’s colorful chaos as they both explore the expansiveness of the future. View more photos from opening reception, HERE

Black Lagoon’s Annual WEST of EAST exhibition,
MINI SERIES – November 2014 through January 2015

Singer Mayberry & David Lujan

Straddling the line between Op Art and Street Art, these two pieces let us question our notions of value as it pertains to everyday objects. Just as a precious screen-print is sacrificed to the elements and doomed to be white-washed in the crusade to promote an unknown band, scrap wood from broken down theatre sets and black & white xerox copies can be rearranged and given meaning when placed in doors on a well lit wall.

Both pieces in this series are contemplations on the presentation of Singer Mayberry’s photography, carefully designed by David Lujan to enhance the viewer’s experience of the image under an extremely altered presentation. “Sacred Fox Mask” has never been printed before and only seen, as most photos we take are seen, through the display of the camera. The photo seemed larger than life, the subject commanding our attention, thus the oversized format, well known in the world of street art, was chosen; the large dot pattern employed to intentionally disorient and engulf the viewer upon closer inspection.

“In A Koi Pond” Occupies a much smaller yet infinite plain as the photo, enhanced and decorated by Lujan, wraps around the surface of the delicate box; the hungry bird waiting patiently above the fish for his chance to eat. The hunter and the hunted play against each other as one watches the other unknowingly, the viewer can become either fish or bird as our focus moves between the two competing images.

Kristen Van Patten

“My “Animals” series explores painting as a visual and playful dialogue. I formulate imagined narratives around my subjects through combining the unknown history of weathered reclaimed wood, found paper and bits of metal with paint, ink, and colored pencils.”

Jamie Spinello

“My new drawings center around combining geometric patterns with plants, skeletal systems, and human forms. I explore the harmonies and patterns that arise through their superimposition and juxtaposition through layering paint, chalk, ink and colored pencil.”

Rich Brouillet

“The way I approached this new series was to create lists of words inspired by old cartoons and comics. The lists then became the foundation for creating the imagery for the work.”

Scott Bickerton: Totemic Explorations

2014, November 10th: CultureMap Austin – “Scott Bickerton’s work is an endless collaboration with gravity — that most persistently mysterious of cosmic forces — in which each assists the other in expressing images and concepts that neither alone could bring to life. Most days an appointment is required to browse the exhibit, but the doors are open to all during Black Lagoon’s annual WEST of EAST exhibition…” –

“Colors, shapes, textures, graphic images that are so close to being something representational yet represent nothing real. In a world of images blasting at our eyes I sought in my painting to create compositions that engage the viewer for a longer period, shapes and colors that the mind can play with. To me an abstract image can acquire totemic qualities, evoking emblems or symbols of the inner mind. My brush stroke is extremely intentional on top of the random gravity controlled flow of my black drip lines.

I’m pulling out, manifesting a larger cohesive image utilizing a rather pop art style, with graffiti or tattoo like markings, while carefully avoiding any overall representational look. My color choices are widely variable as is my tool box for how I may complete each composition. I begin each painting, however, the same way with an evenly colored background and the pouring and brush free manipulation of a black mixed media paint. Abstract painting to me is a true free open activity for a painter to engage that which runs underneath our psyches, that which can’t be articulated. Like a totem I wish to bring the needs of the inner world to the surface for contemplation, reaction, and integration.” – Scott Bickerton



Exploration & Vice: The Landscape of the Past, July through September (main exhibit room) – Padaric Kolander and Gina Gwen  Palacios. Padaric Kolander’s textural paintings evoke warbly evenings of the 1930s, with subjects that invite the viewer to partake in the never ending debauchery of the past, while Gina Gwen Palacios’ oil painting expands the landscape of her ancestry through exploration and the creation of her own history.

Awkward Youth, August (front exhibit room)– David Lujan and E.S. Olsen. “Youth is often wasted on the young, full of discomfort and a preoccupation for some desired acceptance into society. E.S. Olsencaptures the faces of youth with a caricature narrative that reveals the truth about this age while David Lujan’s half-printed monotypes highlight the personality of young animals, creating school portraits of our best friends.”

Stepping Away from Reality, June through July –  Richard Brouillet, Katy Hirschfeld and Kristen Van Patten.

Arrival, May through June – Ryan Cooper’s first solo show, featuring 24 ink and acylic works on wood panels. On display in the back exhibit room. Cooper is a freelance designer/illustrator living in Austin, Texas. PICS

Loss & Gain, May 2014 – Austin artist Brandon Snow presented a new series about the relationship of loss and gain and that loss doesn’t have to be shined solely in a negative light. Snow believes that once you have rid yourself from possessions you are as free as you’ll ever be to become who you want and grow in a whole new way. Some people have to lose everything while others will actively obtain nothing to reach and realize this ultimate freedom. – PICS

Viewfinder, January 24th through April  – Over 100 Black & White Photographs by 30 Texas Artists. This is Gallery Black Lagoon’s 3rd Annual Black & White Photography show featuring photos by Ric Acevedo, Justin Acker, Jim Beckett, Layla Blackshear, April Davis, Eric Débris, Dustin Exner, Amy Gayle, Rich Hallen, Carol Hayman, Bradley William Herzing, Geneva Hopson, Lydia Jarjoura, Richard Kies, Shelby Knowles, Philip Leach, Dan Machold, Brad Marcum, Amanda Mauk, Savannah Anatoli McAnally, Sarah Millender, Juliet Morgan, Conrad Marcus Rathmann, Jillian Schantz Patrick, Scott Ramsay, Seth Orion Schwaiger, Chelsea Purgahn, Autumn Spadaro, Rachel Staggs & Minden Ten Eyck. PICS


Sublime Paradigm, December – Notions of real subject matter and abstracted non-reality compete for our attention in this new exhibition of five artists connected to one another only by a brush. Featured artists include Rich Brouillet, Kelvin Brown, E.S. Olsen, Robbie Ortiz & Richard Sober.PICS

The Shape of Space, October & November – Works by Jay A. Grassel, Cary Hulbert, Jeremy Kunzinger, Jeremy Newton, Dovin Outlaw & Jerry Slayton offer unique views of objects and places blurring the context with which we associate them, as flat works bend off the walls and photographs become tactile experiences. PICS

Pondered States, August & September – Works by Luis Angulo, Caroline Bacher (Ontario, Canada), Rich Brouillet, Prince Charles (San Antonio, TX), Cameron Coffman, Noelle Fitzsimmons, Darryl Freeman, Michael Jensen, Richard Kies, & Robbie Ortiz. PICS

Where Shall We Go? July – Works by Frances Delacruz, David Fridlund, Yusuke Ito, Meghan Morongova, Hannah Natali, Dovin Outlaw, Gina Gwen Palacios, Rachel Sellars, Michael Torres, & Lindsey Nan Wolf. PICS

Friends & Family, 3 Year Anniversary Show, June 14th – From it’s opening in 2010 through May of 2013, Gallery Black Lagoon has shown work by over 200 local artists.During this month of June, Artists and Friends of the gallery come together to show their support, each donating works for the gallery’s 3 Year Anniversary Exhibit. PICS Artist included:

Monica Alfonso, Ryan Cooper Ryan DavisJeana BaumgardnerJaime Hernandez, Bradley William Herzing, Tim HighCarol HaymanCary HulbertDavid LujanDan MacholdSinger MayberryMarjorie Moore, Jason Morales, Joseph NodererChrista PalazzoloLiz PennimanMatt RebholzStephen SchwakeLaurie Saurborn YoungJamie SpinelloJeffrey SwansonKristen Van Patten, Santiago Tolosa-Zegarra

Everything, May – Featuring mixed media works by Donna Birdwell, Ryan Cooper, Maria Doulatova, Ruth Keitz, Renee Nunez, Minden Ten Eyck & Kiki Whatley. PICS

Oil & Water, April – Featuring paintings by Matt Bennison, Christopher Schroeder, Olivia Rains, Joseph Noderer, Dovin Outlaw, Brant Moore, & Jaime Hernandez. PICS

Noise and Grain, February-March – a Black and White Photography Group Show Featuring 21 local photographers: Layla Blackshear, Levi Brewer, Cameron Butler, April Davis, Sara Fields, Josh H, Brian Hamm, Bradley William Herzing, Nick Jensen, Richard Kies, Trisha Renae Kummer, Andrea de Leon, Dan Machold, Anthony Lee Maddaloni, Sean Mathis, Liz Potter, Nic Raven, Cody Rea, Maria Soscia, David Strohl, & Diana Sutherland. PICS

Blowout VIII, January-February – Lithography, Intaglio, Silksreen & other types of prints from 15 University of Texas Art Students: Brittany Bernstrom, Ashley N. Tristan, Jacqueline Negreros, Nick Francel, Anastasia Miller, Joshua Orsburn, Jason Roh, Shannon Mercado, Katie Horbal, Rachael Holt, Clarissa Gonzalez, Elizabeth Lujan, Santiago Tolosa-Zegarra, Eliana Bernard, Alyssa Creagh. PICS


Surreal LandscapesDecember 20th, 2012-Jan. 10th – Featuring new works by Cari Palazzolo, Ryan Davis, William Cardini, Kevin Dehan, Jess Bee, Christa Palazzolo, Cristina Vasquez, & Angie Steding. PICS

2nd West of East Group Exhibition, November 9-27 – Featuring Bryce Dishongh, David Fridlund, Elisa Gomez, Josh Henslee, Jaime Hernandez, Padaric Kolander, Craig LeBlanc, Ian McEnroe, Kristen Van Patten, Cody Rea, Stephen Schwake, Sam Rolfes, Austin Sayre, Jamie Spinello, Amber Vickery. PICS

The Lay of the Land, October 12-November 4, 2012 – Featuring new prints, mixed media & photography by Cary Hulbert, David Lujan & Singer Mayberry. PICS

6th Jewelry by Artists Exhibition, Saturday October 6th, 2012 – Featuring Holli Brown of Dish it Out, Lisa Chandler, Bess Garison of Elizabeth Loch Jewelry, Lindsay Hendricks of Lunetta Jewelry, Jamie Kelsch, Melissa Lancaster of Rock Paper Scissors, Deanna Pastel, Jamie Spinello, Christine Terrell of Adaptive Reuse, & Jennifer Ware of Wareable Art .

August 10-25th: All About Color. Photography by Cara Arlauskas, Delaney Allen, Molly Allen, Lesley Bradstreet, Rachel Brady, Margie Eades, Taylor Englert, Bradley William Herzing, Marisa Ievans, Singer Mayberry, Jason Morales, Courtney Pierce, Jennifer Ramos, Diana Sutherland, Raphael Umscheid. PICS

2nd Fashion Trunk Show & Sale, Saturday July 21st, 2012 – Featuring Supermaggie, Lunetta Jewelry, Rural Rooster, Moonfinder, Kelly Stiles, Sabbatical Arts, Misha Blaise Design, Shadow + Fog, Vinca, Rock Paper Scissors, MAKEatx & more.

July 13-21st: The Austin Series Vol. 2, Blurred Lines. Drawings & Mixed Media Works by Donna Birdwell, Devon Grey, Cliona Gunter, Kevin Parks Hauser, Rachel Crist and Daedalus Hoffman (video collaboration), Jaelah Kuehmichel, Brian Phillips, Katie Rose Pipkin, Kevin Pope, Michael Proctor, Austin Sayre, Stephen Schwake, Jamie Spinello & Kristen Van Patten. PICS

June 22-July 1st: The Austin Series Vol. 2, Processed Repeat. Featuring printed works & photography by Misha Maynerick Blaise, Joolie Bracken, Emily Burns, William Cauthern, April Davis, Johnny Dimas, Sara Fields, Annalise Gratovich, Carol Hayman, Valérie M. Horne, Carolyn Hulbert, Jennifer Litterer, Dan Machold, Kelly MacNiven, Clark Reed, & Jo Ann Santangelo. PICS

May 25-June 3rd: The Austin Series Vol. 2, Brushed Medium. Featuring paintings by Toni Ardizzone, Patrick Davis, Ryan Davis, Lucas Dimick, Clair Gaston, Jaime Hernandez, E.S.Olsen, Michelle Rahbar, Howard Rains, Stephen Schwake, Carly Weaver & Kenny Brieger.PICS

May 5-22: Serious Whimsy. 2 person show featuring paintings & drawings by Jeana Baumgardner and Maggie Kleinpeter. PICS

April 20-29: University of Texas at Austin Printmaking Faculty Show. Featuring works byLee Chesney Interim Chair of the Department of Art and Art History, Associate Professor – Studio Art, Intaglio Printmaking. Neal Daugherty Lecturer – Digital Art / Foundations. Tom Druecker Lecturer – Lithography Printmaking, Co-Founder of Slugfest Studios. Sandra C. Fernandez Assistant Professor – Artist’s Books,  Intaglio, and Relief Printmaking. Co-Director of the Guest Artist in Printmaking Program (GAPP). Ken HaleProfessor – Lithography Printmaking, Senior Associate Dean – College of Fine Arts. Founder of GAPP (Guest Artist in Printmaking Program) & Printmaking Convergence. Tim High Associate Professor – Serigraphy, Founder of the UT Serigraphy Printmaking Program, Area Head of Printmaking. Margie Simpson Lecturer – Lithography Printmaking, Co-Founder of Slugfest Studios

March 3-25: Shutter Speed, Gallery Black Lagoon’s First Annual Juried Black & White Photography Exhibition. Featuring images from 2011-2012 by 21 Texas Photographers:Jessica Anguiano, John Cahill, April Davis, Ryan Green, Kelly Hawkins, Brian Hamm, Carol Hayman, Bradley William Herzing, Jordache E. Johnson, Richard Kies, Jennifer Litterer, Singer Mayberry, Dan Machold, Jason Morales, Mary Rehak, Brandon Sarkis, Chad Schaefer, Autumn Spadaro, Ashley Wallace, Kate Wurtzel, & Laurie Saurborn Young.

February 2-12: Constructed Exploration & The Painted Print. Sculptural works by Jonathan Sanders and printed and drawn media by David Lujan. PICS

  • February 3, 2012:, Tracie Chan – “Dimensions: Constructed Exploration & The Painted Print” Arts Review. “Jonathan Sanders’ wife calls him “a hoarder of random objects.” If that statement is true, then Sanders has impeccable taste in weathered pipes and tree branches, which make their way into his sculptures. Fusing found items such as railroad spikes, insect-devoured wood, and corroded pipes to concrete, steel, and resin, Sanders constructs pieces with modern, architectural lines…David Lujan’s latest collection of screen prints will also be showing. He features animals with geometric shapes, screen printed across multiple pieces of birch plywood…” –


December 9-28th: Drought/Fire/Ash featuring works by Marjorie Moore. Pattern Landsfeaturing works by Callen Thompson.

  • December 7, 2012:, Sean Ripple – “Drought/Fire/Ash” Arts Review. “Focusing on the devastation wrought by the recent fires in Bastrop in which she had a highly personal stake, artist Marjorie Moore has created a body of work that is as much about healing and beauty as it is loss. The exhibit will feature landscape drawings and reclaimed found objects that have been transformed by the fires… [come to] celebrate the strength of the human spirit in the face of catastrophic events and contemplate the haunting nature of loss that informs all of our lives.” –

November 12-20th: First Annual “West of East” Group Show,  featuring Jeana Baumgardner, Gretchen Bettes, Debbie Carroll, Ryan Davis, Robyn Dunbar, Dieter Geisler, Jasmine Johnson, David Lujan, Vincent Paul Martinez Jr., Katie Rose Pipkin, Howard Rains, Jennifer M. Ramos, Stephen W. Schwake, Sarah Tillman, Angi Wilkes, Ann Woodall, Laurie Saurborn Young.

  • November 18, 2011: The Austin Chronicle, Wayne Alan Brenner – West of East Arts Review. “This group show boasts striking art worth leaving the Eastside for Hyde Park…the intricate narrative pen-and-inks of Katie Rose Pipkin, will make you yearn to know the stories behind the depicted scenes. Some kind of Gormenghast vibe working in there, it looks like. Halfway into the gallery, there’s David Lujan’s huge rendering of a bee, and that’s a definite note of interest. The image itself is lovely, yes, but the method of reproduction is what marks this as serious goodness: screenprinted, as so many things are, but screenprinted on birch, using gum arabic pigments and transparent base. Thus: as delicate, colorwise, as it is large, and rendered as if with traces of the insect’s own honey. . .” –

5th Jewelry by Artists Exhibition, Saturday October 22, 2011 – Jamie Spinello, Margot Wolf,Lindsay Hendricks, Elizabeth Crandall, Laura Wood, Jill Palone & more.

October 2011: The Austin Series, Part IV featuring Rosemary French, Annalise Gratovich, Laura Klopfenstein, Kristopher Kotcher,  Gabe Langholtz, Sean Morgan,  Katie Rose PipkinMolly RodriguezStephen W. Schwake, Sarah Tillman, &  Erica Wildman.

September 2011: Monica AlfonsoMatt RebholzRoxana TuffLiz Penniman & Becky Joye 

August 2011: The Austin Series, Part III featuring Gretchen Bettes, Debbie Carroll, Beth Evans-Colonna, Akaimi Davis GreenValérie Moutier Horne, Carolyn Hulbert, Nicole JeffordsJasmine Johnson,Jack KingSuzanne Koett,  Vincent MartinezJason MoralesDanny Phillips, & Laurie Saurborn Young.

4th Jewelry by Artists Exhibition, Saturday July 16, 2011 – JGuildDesigns, Claire Buck,  Lisa Linbrugger, Lindsay Hendricks & more.

July 2011: The Austin Series, Part II featuring Jeana Baumgardner, Ben Lance,  Katie Westmoreland,  Jennifer M. Ramos,  Chad HopperKatie CowdenDavid LujanColleen GuganLesli MarshallHoward RainsIndigo Colton,  Akaimi Davis Green, Angi Wilkes &  John Choate.

June 4-20th: The Austin Series, Part I featuring new works by Lacey Richter, Stephen W SchwakeAnn WoodallJamie SpinelloJesse Greene, Elena Rojo, Kristen Van PattenDonna BirdwellRobyn DunbarLinda Galvan, & Akaimi Davis Green

Saturday May 21st, 2011: Accessories Trunk Show –  Chia Hats , Bolsa Bonita, Tula Hats, KristenMcAshan, Jewelry byAmy Holton Designs, Fat Cat Studio & Artulia Jewelry. Plus Live Music by Shotgun Party.

Poster Cabaret Bicycle Print Exhibit, May 5-30th, 2011 featuring:
Aesthetic Apparatus, Alberto Cerriteno, Andy Vastagh, Blanca Gomez, Bobby Dixon, Brainstorm, Brian Turner (Cricket Press), Bryan Keplesky, Clint Wilson, Cody Haltom (Public School), Cole Gerst, Dan Black (Landland), Dan Grzeca, Dan Padavic (Vahalla), Dario Pegoretti, Delicious Design League, Diana Sudyka, Dirk Fowler, DKNG, Don Clark (Invisible Creature), Doublenaut, Eleanor Grosch, Evan B. Harris, Gary Houston, Greg Pizzoli, Hollie Chastain, Jaime Cervantes, Jared Connor, Jason Munn, Jay Ryan, Jennifer Davis. Jes Seamans (Landland), John Vogl, Justin Cox (Public School), Justin Santora, Leandro Castelao, Little Friends of Printmaking, Mara Piccione, Mat Daly, Matthew Genitempo, Methane Studios, Micah Smith, Michael Motorcycle, Mike Klay (Powerslide Design), Nate Duval, Rand Renfrow, Ryan Clark (Invisible Creature), Sasha Barr, Scott Sonnenzimmer, Tad Carpenter (Vahalla), Tim Doyle Travis Bone (Furturtle Printworks), Will Bryant (Public School), Will Manville.

  • May 27, 2011: The Austin Chronicle, Article on May Poster Cabaret Exhibit – “hallelujah, the repurposed venue is wonderfully expansive, making up for what it might be missing in cathedralesque height with a wealth of floor space and wall space. It works well, all the emptiness in the middle of each room, because there’s nothing to compete with…” –

Saturday April 9th, 2011: Jewelry by Artists Exhibition & Trunk Show. Artists included Rebekah Vinyard , Kerri Lawnsby, Julie Konvicka, Susie Aoki, Jamie Spinello, Ingrid Kuper, Jenny Guild, Claire Buck, Kelly Stiles, Lisa Linbrugger, Jamie Kelsch, & Kelly Hankamer

March 2011 Group Show featuring: Guy Juke, Rand Renfrow, David Lujan, Chantelle Rodriguez, Vincent Martinez, Caitlin Mccolom, Elliot Jempty, Topher Sipes, Jaclyn Hudak,Bobby Scheidemann.

Fashion Trunk Show February 26th, 2011: Katastrophic Design, Fat Cat Jewelry Studio, Bolsa Bonita, Dimovi/Vinca USA, Peacock People Vintage, Jasmine Turner,Ruffled Clothing, Cinnamon Girl Shop. Plus handmade bath & body products from Feto Soap.

January-February 2011: Ryan Davis, solo show


Handmade Holiday Sale Dec. 11th, 2010: Danny Phillips, Regina & Omar of The Plant Press, Shannon Ture, Fleegal Farms All Natural Soaps, Brian David Johnson, Steven Mattern,  Jewelry by Kate Winternitz, Elena Rojo & Amy Friend, Chad Schaefer, Jessica Sherwood-Mathis, Flat Flower Cards, Katie Reeve, Pixxxie Pie & Posie, & Tiffany Nappier

Jewelry by Artists Dec. 4th, 2010: Kristin Laing, Stephanie Jimenez, Jamie Spinello,Elizabeth Baird,Jenny Guild, Claire Buck, Amy Holton, Christine Terrell, Lisa Linbrugger, Kathryn Babboni, Hillary Blumanthal, Rachel Salome, & Maggie Goen

November – December 2010: Jamie Spinello & Kristen Van Patten

Jewelry by Artists Exhibition August 7th, 2010: Local Austin Jewelry Artists, including Stephanie Jimenez, Ingrid Kuper, Lisa Linbrugger, Elizabeth Baird, Kristin Laing, Maggie Goen, & Christine Terrell

Other 2010 Artists August through October (beginnings of Gallery Black Lagoon) inlcude Jeffrey Swanson, Christa Palazzolo, Ryan Davis, David Lujan, David Johnston, Courtney Chavanell, L. Renee Nunez, Adreon Henry, Carrie Wells, Valarie Campbell, Jamie Lyn Dorfman.