The Austin Series highlights local talent across various mediums in the arts and continues to build the excitement and community with which Black Lagoon has become synonymous.

The first Volume of The Austin Series was put together in 2011, a year after the gallery opened. Since then, over 100 local artists have participated in The Austin Series exhibitions at Black Lagoon.

Viewing by appointment or attend a yoga class in the gallery

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43rd & Guadalupe Street, Austin

The Austin Series Vol. 3, Part II

Featuring work by Dwight Benignus, Anissa Bryant, Richard Casteel, Audrey Jahanian, Selja Ojanne & Danika Ostrowski 

Exhibition on view July 22nd through September 24th

Dwight Benignus

I have spent the last year working with gauche and watercolor and refining my abilities in the medium. My main influences are the masters of renaissance, baroque and classical periods. Oftentimes in classical painting, there is a focus on the opulent wealth of the subject, but less so on capturing the feeling of the moment and the subject’s likeness and the story hidden in their expression. The subjects I paint are my friends, I hope to get an accurate portrayal of their character and story. 

Anissa Bryant

“Seascapes” is an exploration of the intrinsic loneliness of humanity, the vastness of the oceans, and the interconnectivity of life with water.  This series taps into those subjects.  This latest series is intended to distill the essence of a moment in time and elicit an emotional reaction. 

The abstracts I have created have been deeply influenced by geological forces at work such as the breaking of ice caps and movements of the oceans. The work I am creating explore the feeling of loneliness and how insignificant one can feel in a vast ocean.  

Each piece of art is accompanied by a poem that illustrates my emotions during the creation process. I am inspired by the poetry and beauty of nature.  When a new piece is created, it is subjected to different environmental factors as my practice focuses on the process— not just the final creation."

Anissa Bryant is an artist based in Austin, TX.  She loves dreaming up new creatures and worlds. Her current obsession is creating the illusion of water in paint.  When not painting, she is looking for new art shows to experience.  She enjoys the company of cats, drinking coffee, and swimming.

Richard Casteel

In my past I was a scientist. I have moved on from studying cause and effect relationships of a seemingly well defined existence. I now live in the world of creation - more akin to the quantum world - where everything is created via thought and feeling. For the last few years as a photographer/artist I have become and continue to become more acutely aware of the reality of this world - that which you think, you create. My photographs are often a vision/concept/thought I have in my mind that I then express through visual media - this is the fun of the creative challenge.

Audrey Jahanian

Audrey Jahanian is a BFA graduate from The University of Texas at Austin. She delves into the conversation between naturally occurring chaos and structured order. Modular and repetitive patterns attempt to draw these structures out. Through this multitude of a single unit, the consistency emanates a redundancy of the form and an emphasis on the mark itself. In some more recent pieces, the system is sometimes thwarted back into natural states of disarray. This Bourgeois series of work defines the growth of a single shape into something much larger than itself. This process of building pushes the idea of intuitive mark-making and blurs the line between what is order and what is disorder in the piece. 

Ojanne_Gas Station.jpg

Selja Ojanne

I like to think of these pieces as universal in that there is no specific language or text present, just blocks of color, recognizable as the telltale sign of sloppy cover-up. It could be any place, but the decidedly pastel palette has been influenced by the Austin art scene. Being a fairly recent transplant to Austin from the San Francisco bay area, I sense the exuberance of Austin’s optimism and energy of growth. The positivity here feels right for taking what could otherwise be a sign of apathy and neglect, and turning it into a sun-kissed backdrop for life in the city.

Danika Ostrowski

My work explores the beauty of scarce and deserted environments by examining and abstracting the lively color and forms found in unexpected places. My paintings reveal beauty in the intricacies, unrivaled colors, and organic formations found in nature’s most private and hidden spaces. Exploring the terrain of the Southwest United States, I have grown fascinated with the landscapes of these mostly untouched, desert environments. I am particularly enchanted by the vivid colors and ever-changing natural light of the desert. The subject matter of my work varies from plant life, to geological forms, to panoramic views. My process typically begins with exploring the land while photographing and sketching reference material to take back to my studio. Using expressive brushwork and lively colors allows me to reflect a modern take on a region’s character and culture in each of my paintings.